If and when you decide to store your baby's umbilical cord blood selection of proper cord blood storage is utterly important. Some of the cord blood banks are accredited and some are not. It is a very significant difference. Accreditation refers to the high standards bank in question has to maintain. Many of the new companies that store cord blood have excellent facilities and technology. At the same time they are facing unjust treatment. Older and established cord blood banks are proven places to test, freeze and store samples that have to be in exact same condition some 10 to 20 years later. Knowing that someone has been doing it for a while with impeccable record cannot be ignored and people often opt for already established facilities. Cord blood bank is not only a storage. It has to fund research in order to improve and expand itself. Companies that are not involved with research stay behind and that may affect you as their customer as well. Another step for parent is checking about blood bank financial stability. Although it may seem far fetched financial stability and steadiness equals reliability. Cord blood banking is a long term process. One has to be sure that facility of his choice will still be standing in decades to come. When cord blood bank is part of larger hospital or research lab complex it seems more stable. Many big hospitals today affiliate with cord blood banks. Immediately it may solve problem of potential transplant or medical proceedings needed in future. Having blood bank next door is an advantage. Your budget is another significant factor. If money is tight blood donation can be happy ending and leave you with positive feeling.

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