Umbilical cord blood donation is a recent thing in our lives. Some people avoid it because it sounds scary and unknown. Others believe it may be risky for their baby. All in all when working with professional and educated medical stuff risks are virtually not existent.
Collecting of umbilical cord blood are safe for mother and for the child.
It is done in vaginal and C section births. It is routine, simple and quick process. Collecting of umbilical cord blood cannot effect birthing process at all. After the delivery umbilical cord is clamped and placenta delivered. Trained medical stuff members extract the blood from the umbilical cord with sterile syringe. Whole process is about 10 minutes long and the amount collected is between 3 and 5 ounces.
Only reported medical obstacle, so far, is rare occurrence of anemia. It is not connected with collecting it is more about administration of delivery. If the umbilical cord gets clamped to soon it will be more blood in it and less for the baby that needs it to avoid anemia. It can hardly happen with trained and experienced medical stuff.
Anemia is rare problem and it is even more rare connected with umbilical cord blood collecting. Think about previous as a chance of human error and nothing more.
Cord blood can be stored publicly and privately. If health risk is too much you have to think twice, for you own peace of mind and possible benefit for your child or children.
In general it is safe for mother and the baby and important for future.
It is a substantial decision and it is life changing.

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