Once when you decide and store your babies umbilical cord blood odds that you are going to use it are rather low. One has to think twice if harvesting, testing and storing cord blood is an effort worthed time and money invested in it. It cannot be done without planning and decision as well as the contact with cord blood bank has to be made before 34th week of pregnancy. Collecting and storing of cord blood is on average very expensive if it is done through private facility. It is approximately 1500$ excluding starting deposit and annual fee that is measured in hundreds and hundreds of dollars depending on particular institution. It is an expense for something you may never need or use. Amount of collected and processed cord blood is very limited source of help. Limitation comes with its quantity. Collected mass is about 3 to 5 ounces and it is not sufficient for treatment of an adult. It is adequate for the child in need of stem cells for treatment.
On the positive side one has to know and not forget that having umbilical cord blood saved and stored is same like having an insurance policy for some health issues, actually more and more of them with daily changes in medical research and technology.
It is to be expected that cord blood and its stem cells will be used in more , even some unpredictable ways in the future. because of its ability to adapt, repair and regenerate it is hard to imagine limitations with stem cell treatments. Cancers , diabetes and tissue damages are serious candidates and treating them should be changed forever with these treatments in particular.
Ones own stem cells are easier to be accepted by the body. It is an immediate protection against graft versus host disease. What will work for you?
It is a hard decision for whole family. You have to find your way and be happy with received medical opinion, social and economical implications, your morals and religious feelings and so on.

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