Stem cells unlike the majority of cells do not have predetermined purpose. They can be transplanted in any area in the human body that needs new healthy change. Stem cells will adapt and stimulate new activity in replacing damaged or sick areas.
Through this basic description you can see that they have ability to change human lives.
At the time we are positive about stem cell transplants in number of diseases and illnesses. In the forseable future number of other serious conditions will be widely treated in the same manner. Currently stem cells can treat some serious red blood cell conditions known as anemia. They infiltrate the body via blood infusion and adapt to repair. In this case repair is to cure over some periods of time.
When it comes to white blood cell disorder SCID stem cells are administered as in previous case.
Neuroblastoma and anemia are types of cancer that are nowadays treated with cellular medicines based on stem cells. The way of treatment is transplantation into bone marrow. In numerous areas chemotherapy or radiation are effective way to cure cancer. Cellular medications are becoming important in replacing sick cells and changing life of the patient.
Tissue repair is last but not least area for stem cell treatment. Stem cells are ordinarily used for repair of damaged heart tissue. Heart tissue is often damaged due to disease or heart attack. Stem cells can be transplanted and they do help a lot with repair.
Stem cells are in a way more promising than some conventional medications. Their primary focus is on correcting and replacing. Cellular medications give people with cancer, blood disorders and heart conditions hope that cure is on its way.

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